Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Way We Were Wednesday High School

I had a rather unusual high school experience.  Note I didn't say an unusual experience while I was in high school.  That mostly only happened in my imagination.  I was aware of my feelings for other guys, but deeply in the closet of denial.  Some others could read me like an open book, I recall one classmate in Florida who said, "I know you want to see it, everyone wants to see it!" Oh my, thankfully you can't unsee some things.

My unusual high school experience was not about a particular teacher, I had a few that were really good, a few that were particularly bad, the one in the picture above liked to drink so much, that his wife had to drive him to school one semester, his Monday morning hangovers were legendary - and yes the students knew how to torment him on Mondays. 

I went to two high schools.  One in Michigan, and one in Florida.  I would go to school in Michigan from late August until the end of October, then the one in Florida from November through late March, then return to the one in Michigan for April through early June.  I did that all four years, back and forth between the same two schools.  It was a little crazy, and very unusual.  

Did you have an unusual high school experience, or memorable experience in high school? 


  1. I was already out and gay in school. and didn't have a bad experience like many would think. Course the school I went to was very forwarding thinking and in a liberal area. But I did indeed know with no doubt I was gay for sure. I and one friend had a "on the quite" affair. I can still remember every encounter.

  2. That does sound like a very unusual and difficult way to experience high school. My friends were mostly outside school and some were the age of some of my teachers... and knew them. I had some creepy insights into the private lives of my teachers, which didn’t enhance my respect for them or for authority in general.

  3. high school sucked major ass for me; friendless, bullied, worthless classes, CATHOLIC SCHOOL.