Friday, May 24, 2019

Light Up The Night

I love the look of a downtown area, lit up at night.  I like the look, but I am not much for going out at night.  My hotel room in Ft Worth was over a street, the building was built up and over a street.  The result was a great view of traffic, and the city lit up at night.  

We have decorative lights on our terrace, sort of our front yard, on the 3rd floor overlooking the entrance to the building we live in.  We are painting the inside of the patio area, so the lights are down right now. I am surprised how much I miss them.  They are on a timer and have been cycling on and off for years.  The lights will go back up soon.  

City lights or starlight at your place? 


  1. unfortunately, the ambient light from the city reaches our burb, so it dims many of the stars. but the full moon this week was fabulous!

  2. Sadly, our city is too small for exciting city lights and too large for bright and clear starlight.

  3. City lights -- I live downtown. Love it!