Thursday, May 02, 2019

Country Bears

Bears are big, fuzzy, warm, with a great appetite for the pleasures of life.  I was a runner with a 32 inch waist when I first heard the term bear, applied to a person.  I had spent a decade running and denying myself the pleasures of life, to be thin.  Trying to fit myself into the worlds' mold of "cute or pretty."  It took me a while to come around to the idea that someone might find attractive the kind of round, warm and fuzzy person that my body seemed to want to be.  I am shaped like the majority of the men in my paternal line. Kind of pear shaped, very much bear shaped.  

It is hard to believe that the country bear jamboree is still running, largely unchanged at Walt Disney World, 40 plus years of happy bears embracing the pleasures of life.  

Have you hugged a bear this week? 


  1. to answer your question
    have I hugged a bear?
    nope...…. mores the pity

  2. I will hug a nice handsome furry wonderful friend bear this saturday. stay tuned!

  3. I hug one every day! So grateful.

  4. I hug mine everyday. At least twice a day. Sometimes more.

  5. Gurl, I'm familiar with those country bears ok. These chase me all over the poconos. But you know what? I adore them!!!!

  6. No, more's the pity as they are great fun to do so.