Monday, May 20, 2019

Special Kinds of Stupid

I will admit it, I have blocked several people on Facebook, and dropped a blogger from my daily reading list recently.  FB has this nice snooze for 30 days function that gives you a break from the idiots (click on the three ... in the upper right hand corner of the posting, this option is in the drop downs.) 

Most of the FB annoyances were stupid political postings.  There are elections coming up and I imagine the political crap will get deeper. Oh, and I dropped the high school classmate turned anti-vaxer - denial of science is not a sign of intelligence.  The blogger I dropped, was arguing with anyone who offered a hint of a good idea in a comment. 

The annoyances in my life were getting to me. Even Mr Sunshine, has his limits.  I am feeling much better now.  

Are there stupid people in your life? 


  1. Well sure, just not close. They probably say the same about me.

  2. I make a point to always distance myself from stupid (i.e. prejudiced) people. Life is too short to put up with them.

  3. There are. But they don't hold prominent positions for very long.

  4. The stupid people in my life are the administrators who run the school system who only taught a couple of years before rising to the top. They have no idea what it is like now. So I try my best to fly under the radar and to avoid them at all costs.