Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Where to Next?

Where oh Where is the traveling penguin off to this year? We started off with a winter picnic in Cleveland, Ohio in late January.  It was a refreshing 8 degrees F when we arrived.  All in all, a fun trip.  The end of February I had a work trip to Nashville, Tennessee.  The hotel was plush.  Following that was a snowy trip to New York for another meeting.  In mid-March I had two conferences in Orlando, Florida.  In April another conference in New Orleans.  Today I am off to Ft. Worth, Texas for a board meeting and conference.  Rumor has it I will hear my name called for a professional honor on Friday morning.  I have scheduled a week off in June for a road trip into the midwest.  In July I have a board meeting in Seattle and we are going to add 10 days to that trip, and explore the Olympic Peninsula and mountains of Washington State.  In late August I am speaking at a conference in the middle of nowhere in extreme southwest Virginia.  Labor Day weekend we will be in Philadelphia for a couple of days for my Sweet Bear's college gathering.  After that I have nothing.  My work calendar remains insanely busy until the first of November.  I should plan a getaway for after the big show October 31-November 1st. My other fall conference is here in DC this year.    

All in all, it is a less intense travel schedule than the last couple of years. 

What are you up to this year? 


  1. I’m exhausted just reading this post! Some drives planned but no plane travel (as yet) until September.

  2. washington state is fabu! and a PROFESSIONAL honor; GO YOU!

  3. Oh good grief! What are you, a shark? Do you have to keep moving or go belly up? We are doing our usual. Camping, the fair, more camping and a tentative trip to San Diego in November. We are actually saving up for a San Diego to Hawaii and back cruise for our forty-fifth next year. No planes!

  4. I recommended Wonderland.