Monday, January 07, 2019

Well That Is Different

I have a strange attitude about hairstyles, to each their own.  Whatever you think looks good, or reflects your style or mood, do it.  My hair has never been easy.  When I had hair, it was wavey and curly, and I generally never knew what to do with it.  It looked good very long, or moderately short.  I resisted short haircuts, pushing back against my father's insistence on short hair (early pictures reveal that his hair, when he had hair, was much like mine.)  I don't have a lot left on top, and need to remember to keep what is left trimmed.  I will never have a top-knot, or man bun.  

Would I have tried this if I had the hair for it? 


  1. Top knots don't do anything for me, but I think man buns are very sexy!

  2. No, no, no, no! I also think man buns are sexy. Just not the hair kind!

  3. I love seeing these styles... on others. I don't think I could have ... or would have ... worn mine that way. Still, must be nice to still have hair and be able to choose.