Thursday, January 03, 2019


We need to break free from our cages.  We impose limits on ourselves, we believe and behave within the limits we impose on ourselves.  Our boundaries are formed by what we are told by those around us.  Our beliefs limit what we think and do.  

Want change in your life, change your beliefs.  Open the door to the crate and explore the neighborhood.  Leave the neighborhood and explore new adventures.  Think new thoughts, go new places, meet new people. 

What will you bravely do in 2019, that your beliefs kept you from doing in 2018? 

The dog above, he really needs a bigger crate, he was on a dock in the marina at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.  


  1. Well, there isn't too much I won't try or do, I'll say that.

  2. Although I’m not completely free of my cage, it’s a very large one. Poor dog!

  3. the dog's human should be shot! ain't no cage around me, baby! now immigrant children in TX and CA, however...