Monday, January 21, 2019

Diversity on Martin Luther King Day

I was born in a place with really no diversity.  Despite my parents trying to be modern, the discussions of diversity from my childhood shock me today.  Living and working in a wonderfully diverse city for a decade has changed me, changed me for the better, but still not perfect. 

I am more interested in the content of the character, and the abilities of a person, than the color of their skin, or where they or their ancestors came from, or what religion they practice, or who they love, or what is in their pants.  

Racism is still alive in our Society, a Professor at Princeton was recently told in public comments at a national conference, that he was only hired because he was black.  With 50-100 qualified candidates for every college teaching job, and places like Princeton being very desirable, I rest assured he was very well qualified for the job or he wouldn't have been hired.  The unemployed Phd that insulted him, is likely to have a very hard time being hired anytime soon.  

Take a moment today to reflect on diversity, and what we can do to move forward with a focus on ability and content of character.  Only by allowing everyone to make the best of what they have to work with, can we truly move forward as a society.  None of us is truly free, until everyone is. 


  1. Diversity...a good thing in my opinion, and makes us all unquie. And yet so many fear it. I very nice post luv, on this day.

  2. I too changed after spending 20 years in the DC area with a melting pot of individuals. I went to white schools and my relatives were racists to the core. my sister still can't see diverse people as human beings.

    we need to fucking grow up and pull up our adult panties and R-E-S-P-E-C-T others (exception: republicans; racists are to be shunned).