Saturday, January 05, 2019

Goal Setting

  • If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.
  • If you didn't know where you were going, don't complain about where you are at.
Many-many years ago I a wise man shared with me the importance of setting realistic goals.  And New Year's resolutions are just that goals.  I hear many comments that people have quit setting goals because they never achieve them.  Here are some tips for setting goals / resolutions. 

Goals need to be realistic.  These are not dreams, there are targets you think you can reach in the time frame available.  I could set a goal of getting down to 150 pounds, but realistically, I was last 150 pounds when I was a teenager.  A more realistic goal, is based on what I know I am likely to be able to do in the next year.  

Goals need to be things within your control.  I can control how often I go to the gym and how much I do.  

Goals need to be on something that is important to you, something you value enough to do what is needed to achieve them. 

Goals need to be achievable.  The actions necessary to reach the goal, need to be things that you can make happen or not make happen.   

Goals need to be specific.  For example, my goal last year to reconnect with family and friends, was specific, as opposed to saying becoming more socially connected. 

Goals need to be measurable.  I can measure the number of books I read, more effectively than I can measure learning something new this year.  If I wanted to drive the neighbors crazy, I might set a goal of practicing the tuba 5 hours per week, that is measurable, as opposed to setting a goal of mastering the tuba - how do I measure mastery?

If you make resolutions on things that you value, that are realistic, in your control, achievable, specific and measurable, you vastly increase the likelihood of arriving a year from now, in the places you want to be.   


  1. Good advice, and many of these are goals our store sets daily. It's also why I hear threw meeting we are also doing extremely well. The big one is controlling things within our control.

  2. my goal this year is to knit using only the yarns I have already purchased (my stash). I have joined a group on my knitting social website that will encourage me and the other 170 people involved.

    another goal is to visit with more blogger friends, like YOU and maddie and mark and sassybear.

    nice pix of the woodrow wilson bridge.

  3. And you’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there.

  4. Like diets, goals need to be called something else!

  5. Are you telling me that my New Year's resolution of riding a magical unicorn to Shangri-la is unrealistic?

    1. Not if you can make it happen!

  6. I made 7 resolutions and now I am working on the house list and the bucket list.