Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Way Were Were Wednesday - Cousin Lysle

The top image is one of my all time favorites from the 1970's, it is my cousin Lysle at about 15 months of age.  The bottom image is Lysle in October 2017.  My how we have changed. 


  1. I hope his wife has a sense of humour.

  2. uh, I don't think I like your cousin. looks like a donald dump supporter.

  3. These two photos together are absolutely priceless! What is he actually like now? He WAS so adorable.

    1. He is a gentle giant, a little rough around the edges. He is a rocket-rancher working on operations support for the Boeing manned spacecraft project. He is a blacksmith, a biker, a mechanic. He is married for the second time. His politics are a bit opposite of mine. He has a 20 inch cannon.

  4. I like the shirt. My sense of humor is kind of warped. He was a cute toddler (weren't we all?). Unless he's wearing a MAGA hat, I'm not going to judge him. I've learned never to judge by the way someone looks. I've had very scary looking people be very nice to me and cute little old (white) ladies who wouldn't return my greetings when I passed them while jogging every morning. I'd kind of like to pet that beard, though. I think Fearsome got me addicted!