Saturday, January 19, 2019

Getting Things Organized

Two days after Christmas, the movers delivered the stuff from the house in Kentucky.  Not a lot of furniture, but more boxes than I can count.  We are nearly done unpacking.  J is very good at getting the ducks all in a row.  Thankfully, the blue penguins are not in our house, but they are nicely in a row.  


  1. And here I was going to say I see you got your penguins all in a row. Just thinking once the packing is undone, you two can start to enjoy.

  2. Oh, but I like the idea of having all you penguins in a row! If I were you, I’d buy myself a collection of blue penguins. Very cool.

  3. sweet bear pulls the house together whilst you are out earning the money. where are these penguins displayed?

    1. A hotel in Lexington. He is being paid for another year - we worked out an early retirement buy out.

  4. Amalgamating two households is a big job! Good luck!

  5. dear me they look like canoptic jars