Wednesday, January 02, 2019

The Way We Were Wednesday America's Oldest City

St. Augustine Florida claims the title of America's Oldest City.  The old town section is quaint, dating to colonial times.  It is a nicely preserved tourist trap.  

The image above was taken in the 1970's.  A typical street scene in the historic district.  

Have you been there? 


  1. nope.
    founded 1565 for saint augustine, 1683 for philly.

  2. No, I've never been to Florida at all.

  3. Nah. I've been to Florida twice- leaving on a cruise to the Caribbean and coming back from said cruise. We visited the place where they filmed Gator Boys, I touched a baby gator. We also rode in one of those boats that look like giant electric fans. We experienced no culture while awaiting our plane. We did experience smothering humidity. I did not enjoy the trip enough to ever visit Florida again. I'm really trying to make short comments, but my fingers have a mind of their own.