Saturday, February 17, 2018

Winter or Summer?

I was born in the cold, cold north, but came of age in the warm, warm south.  While the first snow fall has a magic about it, the novelty wears off in a hurry and I yearn for the warm and easy days of summer.  I am a summer person.  Winter brings opportunities for indoor sports, for long slow cooked dishes (soups, stews, roasts.) But I do look forward to the sun.  

Are you a winter or a summer person? 


  1. While I enjoy the beauty and cold of winter, I am by FAR a summer person....being almost naked, open air windows, warm nights. the feel of the heat and sun on me, the beach....the hotter the better.

  2. Spring! I'm solar powered, but I can't stand heat.

  3. Someone once did my 'colors' and concluded I was a "Winter" but I suppose that is not what you mean here.