Saturday, February 03, 2018

I am worried about us,

I am worried about us as a nation, I think we are losing our sense of humor.  If laughter is the best medicine, the pharmaceutical companies need to come up with more happy pills. Sarcasm is lost on many people today, as is irony - how ironic. I can guarantee anything even vaguely referencing race, ethnicity, gender or sexuality will be found deeply offensive by someone.  I was taken to task last year when someone remarked that they didn't understand baseball, and I said, "it is kind of like Cricket, but faster."  I was told that this was a deeply racist remark.  And criticizing baseball isn't? 

I fear that we are becoming incapable of laughing at a good or bad joke.  

If we can't laugh at ourselves, what can we laugh at? 


  1. Maybe I am dense, but is Cricket played by one race, or what? Or, is this about baseball?

  2. remarks about baseball & cricket are NOT racist.
    identifying a particular race by a horrible slur IS racist.

  3. Anonymous2/03/2018

    I thought your cricket analogy was perfect. I know what you mean about sarcasm being lost. In the run up to your election last year Hillary and Donald were (obviously) all over the internet. On another blog someone had put a really long comment on a blog about Donald, so just for a laugh I posted “Who is Donald Trump?”. I got a really really long reply telling me who he was. I don’t do sarcasm any more, other than my own blog now!

  4. Comparing cricket and baseball is racist? I didn't know cricket and baseball were race-deliniated sports.

  5. Hel, I make jokes and laugh at everything. I know when I did drag, my comedy and jokes could come close to Don Rickles and Lisa Lampanilli, and they were both right when they said America....get a fucking sense of humor people. If you can take a joke or laugh.....were in trouble.

  6. Notice how many Republican comedians there are?



  7. How is comparing chirping insects to baseball even remotely racist? I suppose it's so deeply racist that you have to dig very deep to find it.
    Considering the topic, let me clarify, yes I know cricket is a sport of some kind.

  8. How in the name of heaven is that a racist remark??? Do I know the idiot who said that?

  9. Indeed Beware of people who do not laugh .