Saturday, February 10, 2018

Stop to Think

At times I need to stop and think.  How did we get here?  How can we stay safe?  Do we make other's feel safe or threatened?  Do we respect others?  How much pain and loss, is worth it for the average person?  What is it that all humans really want and need?  

Places like Arlington National Cemetery are not always easy to visit, but I think it is important that we pause and think about what these places mean about our place in the world.  


  1. Have you ever visited the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor? We went almost thirty years ago, and the eerie feeling is still with me. So many people there and yet it was so hushed. The names on the wall helping you to realize that those lost were not only people, but quite a few family members. Heartbreaking.

  2. Deedles, I was having trouble walking when I was in Hawaii and I didn't see that. The American Military Cemetery in Normandy was one that really hit me the first time I was there. The person who organized the program in Hawaii, drove me through the "Punchbowl" a Veterans cemetery in a volcano crater - both of her parents are buried there - it was one my father was moved by.

  3. Good for you for periodic stops and reflections! Keep doing this.