Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Routine Things In Life

The routine things in life, need not be boring.  Shoes, socks, underwear, why shouldn't they be colorful, interesting, fun, even exciting.  All to often the routine things in life are seen as basics, simple, plain, boring.  Shoes in black or brown, why not red, blue, yellow and orange.  Now I will never wear the heels above, But, I do tend to wear bright colorful shoes.  I have been referred to in the office as the man who wears the blue shoes (or orange, or red, or well you get the idea.) . 

Have fun today, add a little color and style! 


  1. I was very particular about my neck ties and have quite the collection -- which never get worn anymore, but I can't part with them. But now it's scarves! I'll be sure to wear a colorful one today.

  2. my pants are always black, but my shirts are ALWAYS colorful!

    "Now I will never wear the heels above" - neither will I. nice girls don't wear cha-cha heels, as spo always says.

  3. I was a drab, shy teenager. My balder half to be took me out of those beige and brown frumpyr clothes. Much later, he put me into colorful clothes(not in a dressing Barbie way) that brightened my whole outlook. That was over forty years ago and I've never looked back. I now wear bright vivid colors, (still a bit frumpy, but that is more of a weight distribution thing). As for shoes? Until about fifteen years ago, I felt you only needed three colors: black, brown and white. They go with everything. Fifteen years ago, I somehow became the Imelda Marcos of colorful, ugly flats. If I just look at heels my back goes out. I was filling a prescription at Walmart yesterday and wandered into the shoe section. There I found a pair of flats (ballet style without the elastic, don't know what they're called) that were a sort of magenta hue. I thought, eww! Then I looked at the price tag. One dollar, and my size! Imagine, size eleven magenta fuglies, it was a sign! I have an ugly dress that they match perfectly. I'm no fool. These shoes are now nestling happily with the rest of my colorful, comfortable fuglies in their cubbies.
    Post tooth extraction drugs have given me diarrhea of the fingers. Yep, I'm blaming it on the painkillers!

  4. I am all for colour.
    Tell us about your underwear

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