Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Once in a Lifetime

Everyone once in a while, someone will remark, "that was a once in a lifetime adventure."  I was thinking about that, I have a had a lot of remarkable experiences, many of which I might repeat.  I never plan a trip as a once in a lifetime, I plan it as the first time, and I might always do this again. It takes some of the pressure off.  If it is fun, I am open to doing this again, with this one being the first time.  There are a few things we only do once, being born, death, . . . I can't think of any others.  I have lots of first times in my life, many of them are followed by repeat times.  A few followed by "I hope I never do that again."  


  1. I'm like you. I can't think of anything I've ever done that I've thought of as once in a lifetime.

  2. Anonymous2/06/2018

    Id never do something I enjoyed doing only once!