Monday, February 12, 2018

Happy Monday

Is success being happy with what we have, striving for something else?  Now I understand Maslow and the necessity of basic needs being met, but once we move beyond safe, secure, and connected, happiness is really more about being happy with who we are and what we have, than it is about what want.  He who dies with the most toys does not necessarily win.  The endless pursuit of more, bigger, better, newer, is simply put Bull, it is not the road to happiness.  The road to happiness is deciding to be happy.  Bloom where you are planted.

Where do you find happiness? 


  1. good friends, pretty yarn with which to create my art, interesting books, listening to music, BASEBALL SEASON (starts this wednesday), my cat kids.

  2. I find happiness at home, and most anywhere I am. I just have to choose it.

  3. I state of contentment is a good definition
    Happiness is sort of like the heat given off by a well run machine. It is a byproduct of something going well. And it is very quiet, often mistaken as something other than happiness.