Thursday, February 15, 2018

40- Years Of Magic

An impromptu and added post.  Today marks my middle brother's 40th anniversary of working at Walt Disney World in Florida.  It seems like only yesterday that he started there, excited at the adventure of working in the "happiest place on earth."  Disney has been good to him.  His working there has given me access to behind the scenes parts of Disney, Private Parties in the Magic Kingdom, Construction Tours of EPCOT and being invited to a pre-opening opening of EPCOT.  Lots of adventures.  He says he is going to work until he is 70, a few years left to go. 


  1. I hope Micky mouse will dance at his funeral in many years to come x

  2. my only visit to FL - disney world in october 1977. hot, bugs, no epcot or universal studios, "it's a small world" on an endless loop, expensive, boring. good for your brother; how many others can say they have worked 40 years in one place?

  3. What an accomlishment! I once held a job for 5 years! Congrats to Middle Brother.