Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Where is Home, It's complicated

I was strolling through the photo archives and I came across this.  It was taken near where I presented a training on health care decision making in south central Kentucky back in 2008.  It was part of a traveling road show, we did three programs, in three remote locations in one week. Most of us stayed in hotels along the way, one of the trainers insisted on driving herself home each night and back to the training location each day.  Her average day was over 300 miles of driving.  She insisted that she wanted to go "home" each night if she could.  

If you ask me where home is it is complicated.  I was born in rural Michigan.  I went to the first grade in Phoenix Arizona.  I went to half of high school in Michigan and half of high school in Florida.  I lived in central Florida for 18 years.  I lived in Kentucky for 15 years, I still own a home there and go back a couple of times a year (husbear teaches there.)  I own a condo in Alexandria Virginia and work in Washington DC.  I have no desire to live in Michigan, the place of my birth ceased being home soon after I moved away.  I like Florida, but I am not sure I would want to live there again. Kentucky was a place of opportunity - not a place we ever planned to live for a long term.  Virginia is okay, but I have little connection to the place.  I own two homes, but I am not terribly attached to either of them - neither feels like home.  Like I say, it is complicated. 

Where is home for you? 


  1. YO PHILLY YO! is there any other better place? HELL NO!

    the only other place I would ever consider living is the hudson river valley in NY state.

  2. Born and raised in and around the City of New York. But I don't consider it home. I suppose home is Southern Spain.

  3. Born in D.C., raised in Laurel, Md. (I was actually in the crowd when George Wallace was shot there!)

    Both parents were from WV, and I began frequent trips to the mountains starting at about 4 months of age, to visit family.

    Was in the Army, and split time between Ft. Polk, LA, and Arlington, VA.

    Now in (somewhat) rural northern Anne Arundel Co., MD.

    But the mountains have been calling me back for the last 50 years or so, and I will soon relocate to Alleghany Co. VA.

    Nice mountain picture, btw!



  4. Home, for me, is an idea, an ideal; my home is with Carlos, wherever we are.

  5. Why would you not live in flooda again

  6. I live in chunks ~ 30 years in MI; 10 years in IL and 10 years now in AZ.

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