Thursday, April 27, 2017

Is It Too Late?

Is it too late for me to take up american Football, or Rugby, or Hockey?  I never played any of those sports.  The reasons are complicated, very much like my middle and high school years.  I might have enjoyed it, I certainly would have enjoyed the views.  Is it just me or does Rugby have the best player uniform of any sport?  Just enough of it, in all the right places, without there being too much of it.  

Those distracting thoughts are getting me off the point.  

As you know I ride the Metro Rail subway system on a daily basis.  Unlike the lovely picture above, at rush hours - the platforms are generally packed with people.  Many of whom are more interested in their phone than in were they are going.  Others weave back and forth like drunks, the worst being people wearing lethal high heels - kind of like drunks walking on stilts.  I am very much a point A to point B person.  These people get in my way. 

If I learned to body block, and tackle, getting through the stations at rush hour would be so much easier.  The drunks on stilts can't be that hard to "bump" out of the way.  

Would you play rugby at your age? 


  1. nah, I just wanna watch the boyz, assets!

  2. Funny you should ask...

    I played lots of men's league basketball starting at age 18 (and I had been trying to sneak into the leagues since I was 16.)

    My first job out of the Army (age 21), I was telling my supervisor about a recent game, and he mentioned he played rugby.

    "We could use some fast guys, why don't you come check us out?"

    So I went to the park to watch one of his team's games...I watched for about 2 seconds, and thought to myself, "NFW would I ever play this game!!!"

    But, hey, you go for it!



  3. The days you miss your cane...