Friday, April 07, 2017

What have I been reading 6th edition

I recently finished,  Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less, by Soujung-Kim Pang.   The book is  well written, well researched, fun and easy to read.  The author makes the case for taking naps, taking sabbaticals, taking vacations, and generally promoting a health work life balance.  The text offers lots of anecdotal evidence, and a handful of solid scientific research, to make the case that people who are more productive, find a way to balance rest and work, personal and professional life.  Every manager should read this book. 

I have a personal interest in this issue, I have burned out in flames a couple of times in my work.  I know what it is like to work so much, that you can't get much done.  I have done my share of 60-70 hour work weeks - those were not my most productive days.  I needed this book 30 years ago - I am glad I read it now.   

So, how is your work - life balance?  Do you take naps?  Have you ever taken a sabbatical?  What are you reading now? 


  1. my work life and my home life are 2 distinct areas - as you like to say, I don't work at home and I don't sleep at the office. I nap on the weekends. no sabbaticals. I knit for one hour on my lunch break; it divides morning from afternoon and I feel refreshed after my "meditation" as it were.

  2. Balance is something I strive for, I get better at it over time.
    I need to stop reading the news.

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