Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Hotel Room of the Year?

The Langham hotel in Chicago, may rate as my hotel room of the year, at the very least it set a very high standard for others to meet.  I was in Chicago recently for a medical conference on death - a nice perky topic.  The medical association picked the hotel, a bit more than I would normally pay, but being that I was arriving at 11:00 at night with meetings starting at 7:30 the next morning and going all day, then back to the airport to return home, I stayed at the conference hotel.  

I walked into the room and my first thought was, "can I just live here for the rest of my life?"  These pictures do not do the room justice, it was a short trip and I didn't take a real camera with me, just my phone (sorry to tell some of you this, your phone has a very limited camera on it.)  

The hotel bathroom is one of the top five in my all time list.  The wet-room, had a shower and tub.  The shower had a rainfall shower head on the ceiling, and a wall mounted hand shower.  The tub was nice (not jetted.)  There was a window between the tub and the bed area, if you don't like the view, press a button on the wall and the glass becomes opaque.  

Most hotel rooms have boring ceilings, not this one with a nice tray effect.  The furnishings were modern and comfortable. The colors very warm and soothing (nice on a cold Chicago night.)  The view, well the view was of Dump Tower - you can't win them all. 

I am only 13 nights into what will likely be 30 hotel night this year (44 last year.)  This one sets a high standard for hotel of the year.  

What is your favorite hotel and why? 


  1. Looks wonderful and the location makes it even better. I've got a number of favorites now, but two recent experiences... wonderfully unusual Spanish hotels: Enfrente Arte in Ronda; and Hotel Ateneo in Sevilla. Moncalm Marble Arch in London was wonderful, too, but not unusual like the first two.

    1. Fun and elegant are always nice.

  2. I'm commenting from the Motel6 in Bradenton, FL, literally right next to I-75.

    It's like something out of an episode of 'Cops.'

    But walking distance to McD's and the beer store, so it's my favorite, at the moment.



    1. I love the description, enjoy my old home state

  3. Anonymous4/04/2017

    Hotel Bahia Del Duque in Tenerife. I've stayed there 3 times. The rooms are beautiful.

  4. The first hotel in Rome last time. Reason: breakfast buffet. I want to live in the breakfast buffet.