Thursday, February 02, 2017

Mini Me

How have I changed, how am I the same?  This picture was taken about 50 years ago.  

Look closely, my hair - what there is left of it, is still a wavy curly nearly uncontrollable mess. 

My dark, beady eyes are still dark and beady.  

My nose if still prominent.  

My ears are still balanced.  

I have a bit less hair on top - a lot more on my face. 

I have one small scar and a lot of lines of experience and adventure (I am proud of them, I have survived to wear them.) 

I have more chins. 

I am about 200 pounds heavier and a couple of feet taller. 

I am happier, more self confident.  I still prefer time alone or with only one or two others, to time in a crowd.  

How have you changed over the past 50 years? What is the same.  


  1. Anonymous2/02/2017

    Aww I want to pat you on the head!

  2. People tell me I look pretty much the same as 30-40 years ago.

    Luckily, I still have most of my hair, and weigh about the same as when I graduated HS.



  3. Adorable. And, yes, you are still recognizable. I hate every one of my school pictures. I think I even threw out a few. There was one from 5th grade taken after I had been ill for 6 weeks. I was skeleton thin and had an overall green pallor. The green pallor was enhanced by the green airbrushed screen background! It sickens me just to think about it. I'm less skinny now. Have less hair. I had a button nose. I don't anymore. My teeth looked big. I grew into them! Oh yeah, facial hair... Gray and white facial hair! Some people tell me I'm unrecognizable. Others say I look exactly the same.

  4. And they're such cute beady little dark eyes! Your nose is not prominent; I'll have to tell your sister she needs to retract that statement. I, of course, was born the summit of adorablness and continue to be so, so in that sense I haven't changed. As you know, I hate change.

  5. I see the resemblance yes!