Friday, February 24, 2017

Earning those Frequent Flyer MIles

I have been to Europe 10 times, 7 of those trips in free seats from Frequent Flyer Miles.  I tend to hoard the miles for those trips, though I will occasionally use miles for domestic flights.  I am a member of three major frequent flyer programs, Delta, American and United, a couple of them are in alliances that allow me to earn miles for flying on other airlines such as Alaska.  Most of my miles are on Delta or American.  I also have airline branded credit cards for two of these.  I earn miles on all dollars spent on those cards and receive free checked bags and priority boarding on those two airlines.  

Last Friday I was earning my miles.  I flew from Orlando to DC, on American.  Went home to the condo for two hours, did laundry, paid the bills, checked the mail, retrieved packages that arrived while I was out of town, went to the gym, took a shower, packed, dressed and went back to the airport.  I then flew on Delta to Lexington to visit Jay for the long weekend.  That is one of the craziest days of flying I have ever had.  It is also a couple of thousand miles earned, on two different airlines.  That much closer to the next European adventure.   

London, Ireland, or Spain for the next trip? 


  1. United here. Platinum again this year and more than 560,000 miles banked up still after using 100,000 last year. Between the platinum bonus miles and the credit card they replenish as fast as I use them.

    1. Find a month, and go around the world, First Class.

  2. Hard to say, all those places do have sheep. Well, maybe not too many in London proper...

  3. Anonymous2/25/2017