Thursday, February 23, 2017

Big Bird

I ended up with a mid-size Jeep as a rental car in Florida, I kind of liked it, and I took advantage of it to get a little off the beaten path.  Not off-road, but out onto back roads in the Merritt Island Wildlife refuge.  Out where the big birds can be found.  Above a roseate Spoonbill and a Heron.  The Heron flew away shortly after this first picture was taken, the Spoonbill stayed around and I was able to get several great images, then it flew away.  I didn't catch it in flight, I wish I had, the color was spectacular.  

Do you like to get off the beaten path? 


  1. "Off the beaten path" is my middle!

    I've spent a fair bit of time hanging out in Ocala Nat'l Forest, particularly at Alexander Springs.

    I'm looking to visit Blue Spring State Park my next trip in late March.



  2. I spend too much time on the main road. Thanks for reminding me to be adventuresome.

  3. We love getting off the beaten path, love getting lost while traveling, love exploring roads that look interesting.