Sunday, February 19, 2017

Foodie Questions

I sometimes think of myself as a foodie, but I really am not a food snob.  The truth be told, I am an adventuresome eater, who will eat almost anything.  I don't have terribly high standards, though I enjoy really great food.  Except for soggy french fries, I seldom find food inedible.  

Some food questions:
1: Cupcakes, a brilliant idea, or a stupid idea gone viral?
2: Velveeta - is it cheese? 
3: Sashimi - wonderful or bait? 
4: Apples - red or green? 
5: How do you like your steaks cooked? 

My answers: 
 1: Cupcakes, a brilliant idea, or a stupid idea gone viral?  I think cupcakes are the stupidest idea in baking.  I can't eat one without getting my fingers sticky, I can't get it out of the paper wrapper without making a mess.  

2: Velveeta - is it cheese? I was raised with Veveeta in the house, I have eaten a lot of it, and it is not cheese.  It is food chemistry. It has its uses, but don't try to pass it off as cheese.  

3: Sashimi - wonderful or bait? I love sashimi and sushi.  Who knew, raw fish could taste so clean and fresh. 

4: Apples - red or green? Red and ripe.  A sour apple is either not ripe, or a tree that didn't graft correctly.  

5: How do you like your steaks cooked? Rare to Medium Rare, I want red meat to be red in the middle - this is a major conversion for me, I was raised in a family where steaks were cooked well done and beyond, I once heard my father order a steak well done - dried out. 


  1. 1: a brilliant idea
    2: HELL NO!
    3: bait
    4: red and sweet
    5: I don't eat beef

  2. oooh, you could do a sunday "5 questions" on cheese or meat or silverware or condiments.

  3. 1. meh.
    2. Velveeta is an abomination
    3. I'm with you - so pleasantly surprised the first time I had it and have loved it ever since. True confession: The first time I had sashimi, I thought the wasabi was guacamole and put the entire lump of it in my mouth. It was as awful as you can imagine. I still love wasabi though.
    4. Red, although I prefer green sour-ish apples for cooking
    5. Medium rare. I used to prefer rare, but my taste changed as I got older.

  4. 1. Cupcakes - dumb idea. They're too small and too much trouble to make.
    2.Velveeta - it ain't cheese, but I actually like it.
    3. Sashimi - it's bait. I wouldn't touch it.
    4. Red apples. Green are for pies.
    5. Well-done steaks for me. I don't wanna see any blood or hear the cow moo...

  5. 1: Cupcakes, a brilliant idea, or a stupid idea gone viral? I love them!
    2: Velveeta - is it cheese? No, it's not cheese, it's disgusting!
    3: Sashimi - wonderful or bait? Bait!
    4: Apples - red or green? Either.
    5: How do you like your steaks cooked? Medium Rare.

  6. 1: Cupcakes are dumb.
    2: Velveeta is NOT cheese?
    3: Sashimi--Tuna--is dee-lish!
    4: Apples - red or green ... Both.
    5: HI don't eat steak. I am not a fan.

  7. Cupcakes. Take or leave them. Dumb. I like cake!!!
    I LOVE my cheese. I'm a,cheese connoisseur. It is a food group to me. But Velveeta is good on baked potatoes only.

    Love sashimi
    Red apples.
    I eat beef twice a month. And I like it rare to medium rare.

  8. 1: Cupcakes - evil
    2: Velveeta - worse than evil
    3: Sashimi - raw is evil
    4: Apples - lovely! Green please
    5: How do you like your steaks cooked? not at all viz. give me the apple.

  9. 1) Cupcakes - for children
    2) Velveeta - no thanks
    3) Sashimi - oh hell no thanks
    4) Apples - red thanks
    5) my Steak? Medium to Medium rare please.