Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Into the Deep End

It has been a long time, since I have gone in way over my head, but it happens.  I was placed in charge a significant research study, months were spent designing the survey instrument, and testing it, and over 500 responses were received from busy professionals.  Only one minor little issue, I am not a trained researcher.  I didn't take research methods in college or law school.  

I can view it as being set up to fail, or as an opportunity to shine, to do work beyond my experience and training.  I have had to remind myself a few times, that - that choice is mine to make.  The outside consultant has finally started replying to my emails, though he is asking questions I don't understand.  I start my answer with, I am not sure what the question means, but this is what I was hoping this question would tell us.  If he can explain the data to me, I can explain it to anyone.  The ultimate goal is to come up with a report that others can understand.  By stretching to understand myself, I will be forced to write a report non-experts can understand.  There is an advantage to being thrown into the deep end.  

When you go in the deep end, do you sink or come up swimming? 


  1. I do my best, I ask questions, I ask for help if needed.

  2. As Dory says "Keep Swimming".

  3. I come up swimming. If not, I make sure I take everyone else in the pool down with me.

  4. by definition wherever I am in the pool it is the shallow section.