Friday, September 23, 2016

Sunset and a big Moon

When I am home, in the city, I seldom see the sunset, I know it happens, the room gets dark and lights are turned on, but I am almost always too busy to notice.  And there is not much of a view.  
Here along Lake Tahoe for a couple of days, I have noticed the sunsets.  How pretty.  Last night I looked up and the moon was bright and huge.  Part of that is being over 6,000 feet in elevation, and the mountain air is clear, and there is a lot less ground light interfering with the view of the moon. I sure am glad I stopped and looked up. 

Stop and look up, pause to gaze at the sunrise or sunset.  Enjoy your day. 


  1. the sunsets have been very red the past few evenings round here.

  2. I love the dramatic look of the moon and clouds.

    I haven't been to Tahoe in a VERY long time, but I lived there for several months when I was in my early 20's.

  3. I love a good sunset David! That was one of the main considerations when I bought this lot that our house was built. I have a wall of windows facing west. I rarely miss a good sunset.

  4. I love watching the sky, whether sun rise, sun set, or the phases of the moon.