Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Oh My! I'm Late-I'm Late

Oh My, I missed setting up my morning post today.  Sorry  my early bird readers.  Every morning when I get up, the third thing I look at is my blog to remind myself what I said today.  This morning I looked and I was still stuck on yesterday.  I have never seen the movie "Ground-Hog-Day" but I understand that the plot is that some guy keeps waking up and reliving the same day.  Well I don't want to relive yesterday - the day I discovered that I had missed the due date on a mid-point project report and spent most of the day scrambling to pull it together - along with catching up on general day to day office stuff after having been away at board meetings for three days last week.  I live in the present, and that is today, and that means I must have a new post.  I have only missed one day in the past 21 months of blogging every day, today is not going to be a miss.  

There was a bit of great news in the office yesterday, my colleagues  received approval of funding for a huge two year project.  They has applied for it months ago.  The request for proposals offered $500,000, and they submitted a proposal for $498,000.  A month ago a request came through to modify budget to the full $500,000 - a process that was easier said than done, because every time you change a $1 in costs on the budget, you actually change the overall budget with all of the overhead costs someplace between $1.60 and $1.80, different overhead factors apply to different costs.  It took a week to make the edits.  So yesterday the good news arrived, the project was funded at $488,455, yup, about $12,000 less than the modified budget submitted a couple of weeks ago or about $10,000 less than what was originally asked for.  The person who labored over the budget was ready to start drinking heavily when I left the office - if she had room I think she might set up a still in her office for next couple of days while she reworks the budget.  Nice still above at the A. Smith Bowman distillery at Fredricksburg Virginia  


  1. oy! I wondered what happened to you this morning...

  2. I knew I recognized that still!