Friday, September 16, 2016

Enjoy the Journey

So here I am stuffed into row 25 seat C, the back of the plane, a nice crowded plane - and I am smiling.  Hey, even the flight attendant is smiling. This was another trip, another flight, another hotel, I have already passed 30 nights in hotels for the year. This week I am off for another 5,000 miles, three nights in another hotel.  The hotels all start to look alike after a while.  

And I continue to enjoy the journey. I am always thrilled by the feeling of a plane taking flight, and by the sight of the airport fence just before landing. I look forward to exploring the new, and seeing the familiar in places I return to.  Sometimes the journey is the highlight of the trip.  

What is your favorite part of travel?  


  1. The sheer terror that comes from wondering if the plane will crash?



  2. waiting in the train station for the adventure to begin. as bugs bunny once said: "it's the suspense that gits me!"

  3. Honestly, my favorite part is coming home. I love to travel but nothing beats walking through the door of my own home and those furry kid faces.

  4. I don't relish traveling out of neurotic fears; I admire your abilities to travel without looking to crack up.
    I like the start of the travel, knowing it is before me.

  5. David,
    Three years ago I started flying twice a year after thirty-five years of not flying (1979). I enjoy the whole process believe it or not. Even being stuffed into a too small space in a metal tube flying in the sky. I still think it is amazing that we are able to fly. What I hate and is painfull for me is the air pressure effect on my ears. But flying is always a grand adventure for me.