Saturday, September 03, 2016

11 Years

11 years ago today, Travel and I made our debut on the blogging scene.  Over the years we have posted about 1,400 entries and attracted just over 100,000 page views.  The Adventures of Travel Penguin has chronicled not only travel and adventures, but our routine daily life, very occasional political or social rants, family and personal experiences in this adventure we call life.

I blog because I want to write about this adventure I call life, I want to share the photographs that I capture and I want to force myself to write more and get better at it.  Blogging is a creative outlet for me.  For me, publishing the photographs is a key, once a camera geek, always a camera geek.  My photographs don't have the technical expertise that they once did, but I love creating and sharing them. Writing for the blog has improved my writing.  Improved it in that I am much more comfortable sitting down and writing, even when I don't have much to say (yawn - you knew that.)  For anyone struggling to create blog content, I would urge that it gets easier and you get better by doing it.  I am 3/4 of the way through the second year of committing to blog daily, I have missed one day in 20 months.  I should add developing discipline and planning ahead to the list of things blogging does for me.

An old friend started me on blogging, and I / we have made some dear and wonderful friends though blogging.  People we never would have met without blogging, and who make real differences in our lives.  Thank You.  I miss the bloggers who have dropped off along the way.  A couple of them continue as dear friends, a couple are dead, others just stopped publishing and slipped beneath the waves.  New bloggers join the community each year.  I read recently that 80,000,000 blog posts and 500,000,000 social media posts are created each day worldwide.  I am glad to play a small role in that.  I will keep doing this as long as the adventure continues.  

So how long have you been blogging, and why do you do this?


  1. "People we never would have met without blogging, and who make real differences in our lives." - THIS! you, spo, sassybear, mark, raybeard, and the list goes on and on...

    4 years blogging; did it on a dare from some blogger friends.

  2. I started because I had something to say and I'm still not done talking. It's been about nine years? Eight years?

  3. Two years and two months for me. After many years of just reading, lurking and occasionally commenting I decided to get in the game. Life live it!

  4. Happy blog-day! May there be many, many more years for you.
    I blog as a channel to release my writing desires and to establish (and maintain) and network of friends. It is also a means to pick up chicks.