Wednesday, September 07, 2016

New York!

If all is on schedule, I am grabbing a few hours sleep between returning from a quick trip to Florida to check in on my parents, and heading off on a day trip to New York city.  I was telling my father about this trip, he spent a year or so in New York at the end of World War II, he said his one regret was never going to see the Statue of Liberty up close.  I should do that one day for him - he is no longer up to the travel.  

I am taking an early morning Acela, Amtrak's high speed train up this morning. It is the first time I have splurged for the faster train, it makes an hour difference in how much sleep I can get on an insanely tight schedule.  I will let you know what I think of it.  American high speed rail still lags far behind European high speed trains.  

I am headed up to hear a speaker on understanding and working with persons with dementia.  I am hoping she is as great as her You-Tube reputation.  I need her as a speaker for next year.  

It looks like I have time for an early dinner in New York before my train home this evening.  So many choices, so few opportunities, New York is one of the worlds great food towns.  


  1. A part of the Statue of Liberty was cast just a few K's from where I live. unfortunately I don't know which bit.

  2. enjoy the ride; shout out when you pass thru philly so's I can hear you!

    1. About 7:45 if we stay on schedule.

  3. New York is one of the great towns period. I love that place.

  4. Anonymous9/07/2016

    Full dinner report please.

  5. Have a good much as one can have on a tight schedule. I'd tell you to go to Boots and Saddles to see the go go boys, but'd be way laid for sure. I sometimes forget what a treat it is having only an hour and a ride on the train it is for me to get too.

  6. I used to go there every autumn for the sights and colour.