Thursday, September 29, 2016


The second day of the meeting in Lake Tahoe was across the street from the hotel, in a conference room overlooking the Lake.  I stepped  in front of the hotel and this was parked there. From what I can find, it is late 1950's vintage, -the real deal and not a later clone-, it is a $250,000+ car.  Nice, very nice.  

When I was planning for the drive in Germany, a friend gave me advice on driving on the Autobahn. The inside lane is the fast lane.  You only drive in it if you are driving faster than everyone else and passing.  When you have outrun the traffic, pull over - or the ticket is about $1,000.  Before pulling over into the fast lane, look in the mirror, if there is a smudge on the horizon, it is the Porsche that will be running up your tailpipe in about 20 seconds.  Outrun it, or get over.  Good advice, except it was an Audi that was running up my tailpipe at 108 miles per hour.