Monday, September 26, 2016

Get Out of My Way!

DC is a bit of  a fast paced city, it seems that people are constantly in motion.  If you move to slow, you will get bumped, pushed out of the way, and on occasion shouted at.  The Condo I live in has a private road to the nearest metro station.  The easement for the road only allows us to operate a shuttle bus and provide alternate emergency access via the metro road.  

A few month ago we replaced the back gate with  a new remote opener.  The shuttle bus operator has struggled with the new gate, it does not move fast enough.  One trip recently it didn't get out of the way in time, and got bumped, well kind of, it was bent in half.  

That will teach it to move faster or get our of the way!  

In your town, are slow people part of the charm or bumped out of the way?  


  1. I live in South Carolina, slow is what we do!

  2. I like to think San Diegans are a laid back bunch, however truth be told one will get bumped. Maybe not bumped enough to destroy a gate but bumped.

  3. David
    Where I live in Delaware, we're known as LSD. Lower Slower Delaware and believe me, it's the truth!