Monday, December 22, 2014

What Do I Want for Christmas?

The is always a hard question for me to answer.  There are not a lot of material things that I want, that anyone can afford.  Given unlimited resources, I’d like a boat I could travel on, travel on charter jets, and a Ferrari.  But I really don’t need any of that.

There are a lot more intangibles that I wish for in the coming year.  I hope for security and growth in my work.  There are opportunities and risks on the horizon I hope to make the right choices and be in favor when it counts.  Mom is a mess, and I hope that over the coming year she will be happy and comfortable for as long as possible. My father is slowing down, I hope he accepts the changes in his life and continues to find peace and happiness. I have spent the past 55 years rushing from place to place, I am slowing down I am noticing things I stormed past before.  I have two desires here, I want to enjoy going slower, and I want to get back on the bike. To ride not to race. My racing days can be past, but I still want to move.

See nothing complicated like world peace, and ending world hunger, those would be nice to.  


  1. I want an end to bigotry, zenophobia, jingoism, homophobia, racism, arrogance, crass consumerism, intolerance, greed, war, poverty, injustice, inequality, hunger, obnoxious/pretentious people, celebrities.

    I have been wanting these things for years.

    but there is no santa, cause I never get what I want. :(

  2. David,
    Go for the slower lifestyle. Take time to really enjoy the little things of life. It took me a long time to recognize that time is the most precious gift of all. Of course good health and a comfortable and safe home are important and someone to love and to be loved but once you have those necessities, time is most precious. Take it while you can. Have a wonderful Christmas David.

  3. Merry Christmas old friend x

  4. I got neither a pony nor ramen.
    But tonight I have a 18 year old Highland Park.