Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Wednesday Updates

How can it be Wednesday night already?  This week has flown by, and I have half day meetings the next two days.  Lots to do in the office. Don't they know it is December and nothing should happen this month?

I made a change in an airline ticket today, I changed a round trip ticket into a one way ticket. Then the math.  The round trip that I had paid for was $391.  The one way trip is $280. Today I paid $235 in change fees. I received a travel credit with the airline for the $111 in difference in ticket cost.  When the dust settles, assuming that I fly another trip on United Airlines in the next year and remember to use the travel credit, I will end up spending about $100 more to fly one way, then I would have for the round trip.  Only airlines can come up with that math and stay in business.

This change was needed as part of scheduling a trip to Hawaii in February.  I am scheduled to be in LA for a meeting in late January.  The airline ticket I exchanged was arranged for that trip.  Rather then fly back to DC and then to Hawaii, I am flying from LA to Hawaii, and back to DC from Hawaii.  The savings on the airline ticket to Hawaii more then offset the extra costs on the one way ticket.

Hawaii, I have three days of mini-vacation, and five days of intensive work scheduled.  Five workshops, on four islands in five days.  I will have been there, but not seen much of it  I  have to remember not to grumble about sending a week working in paradise. Surprisingly I had a hard time finding a co-presenter for the workshops, two people turned me down before someone said yes.

By Valentines day I will be down to two states left to visit.

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