Monday, December 08, 2014

Grand Spaces

I am not easily impressed.  I have been there and done that, and outgrown the T-shirt.  There are few places or spaces that take my breath away.  Some amazing spaces St. Peter's in Rome - amazingly large, Norte Dame a wonderful sense of scale, the Golden Gate Bridge - fits so wonderfully into the landscape.  DC has it's share of impressive buildings.  An interior that really stands out, is the main reading room at the Library of Congress.  It is ornate, well proportioned, has wonderful natural light. 363 days of the year, you can peer into it from the top but only gain access to the floor if you are granted permission as a reader of materials that need to be viewed in that room.  Twice a year, the main reading room is open to the public.  In October I took advantage of one of the two days for 2014.  It was worth it.  Wow, I was impressed. Seldom do we build such wonderfully proportioned and intricate spaces. The finishes are rich and detailed. 

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