Tuesday, December 09, 2014

I Like to Watch

Who is looking at you? What are you looking at?  As an observer on this planet in this life, I like to watch.  I like to watch people and places.  Living and working in a world city, I get to see all kinds of people on a daily basis.  Just this morning I surrounded by the fiercest beards. A cute little ginger with blue eyes and the nicest full beard.  I have been watching a crew tear down an office building, not an old building.  They started gutting it over the summer and using a wrecking ball a month ago.  I can now see through what is left standing, it looks like a stiff breeze would topple what is left.  At the same time, and almost on the other side of the train tracks, there is a new building going up for the National Institutes of Science. I have watched it go from four stories below ground level, to five stories above.  I like to watch people when I travel, we have a lot in common and a lot of differences.  Differences in how we walk, talk, dress and view life and those around us.  I like to watch places when I travel.  I have seen a lot, and there is still a lot to see.  I seldom notice if people are looking at me. A strangeness in my personality, I can be observant and oblivious at the some time.  Occasionally I encounter someone who is sensitive to be observed. If I sense that they notice me noticing them, I try to look away. But being oblivious, sometimes they move away before I realize that I am making them uncomfortable by observing them.  Who is looking at you, it might be me, you never know what I am looking at.


  1. I love to people watch. Traveling solo in England, I got a lot of chances. I see eye to eye with you on every word of this post!

    Peace <3

  2. Surrounded by beards
    My kinda bliss

  3. especially when they don't know you are watching - it is more natural.