Monday, December 15, 2014

How do I respond to this one?

A dear old friend, a brilliant and committed social worker has posted a couple of cryptic messages on Facebook recently, then this morning posted that she has been diagnosed with lung cancer.  From the tone of the message she does not expect to live more then a few months.

What is the appropriate response to a message like this?  I posted back that love and warm thoughts are headed her way.  I urged her to stay in charge of her life and her care, and to live, love, laugh and do the things she wants to do.  I don't know what else to say.

I wish I was there to give her a big hug and take her out to lunch with all the Manhattans she wants to drink.


  1. You have said it all.......
    Perhaps you can arrange to meet?
    Then don't say anything at all

    Are you ok?

  2. I think you said it perfectly!

    Peace <3

  3. In situations like this we all reach for something to say to make some difference, but our words are lame and useless. I settle on i'm sorry and I wish there was something I could do, and thinking of you.