Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Snippet of a conversation,
Me: we have about $4,000 in past due payments on this account and we haven't sent invoices in two months, I know because I owe $50 and have never received an invoice.
Idiot: I am not worried about, that is financial services problem.
Me: Don't you think we should let them know that the invoices have not been sent
Idiot: No, it is financial services problem
Me: But they aren't taking care of it, likely it has slipped through the cracks, we just need to remind them
Idiot: Dan is not worried about, so I am not worried about it
Me: But it is our money, our departments need it, if we send out invoices my estimate is at least half of it will be paid, can't we ask them to send the bills
Idiot: If Dan is not worried about it there is nothing I can do,
Me: Don't you see what the issue is here?
Idiot: No
Me: I am speechless - I will just email Dan's boss
Idiot: Okay
Me: Just because Dan isn't worried about something, it doesn't mean you shouldn't be.

I have a limited tolerance for idiots. I have a lazy idiot reporting to an idiot.
Save me!


  1. So happy to be out of such office politics.

  2. Please don't get me started! HAHAHAHA
    Boy, do I get this!

    Peace <3