Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday Five - You Must Be

We hear it all the time, you two must be brothers.  Hence this weeks Sunday Five.

  1. Do we look like brothers? 
  2. What would be the best snappy response? (We are married, we have been together 28 years.) 
  3. Are you and your other  - often mistaken for siblings? 
  4. Does my hand look weird to you? 
  5. Haven't had a haircut since this was taken in March, is it about time or should I just let it grow? 
There is no utility in my answering these, as they are kinda all about me (self centered creature that I am.) Please share your answers in the comments.  


  1. Anonymous9/27/2020

    1 Could be brothers. Sadly it can make it easier in life if you are guessed as brothers.
    2 Dominating larger person.
    3 I would guess so.
    4 Very long fingers on your hand.
    5 What hair?

    1. My hands look more and more like my fathers did

  2. 1. Do we look like brothers? Of course. You both have beards and glasses. Jeez! You've hit a nerve with this one. NO, you do not look like brothers. I've seen you in person and you look nothing alike. SG and I used to be asked that all the time. And, NO, we do not look like brothers! We look absolutely nothing alike. Interestingly, we have never once been asked that by a Spaniard. It often happens when we're back in the US and it has happened with British expats but never with Spaniards.
    2. What would be the best snappy response? Well, the last time we were asked in the States, SG, quickly replied. "No, we're husbands." The response to that was, "Oh, cool," which pissed me off even more.
    3. Are you and your other - often mistaken for siblings? Ditto response #1.
    4. Does my hand look weird to you? Yes, I was told years ago by a professional photographer that you shouldn't pose like that. The hand usually looks weird. In SG's case, his hand is so huge, it gets thrown completely out of proportion and it's all you notice about the photo.
    5. Haven't had a haircut since this was taken in March, is it about time or should I just let it grow? I have no opinion. Whatever makes you happy. I tried to let mine grow but hated it after 6 weeks. If you want honest opinions from others, you should share a current photo ... and be prepared!

    I enjoyed this today!

    1. Sorry about the nerve. On the hair, I am probably not ready to hear the answers.

  3. 1. Not to me. But then, I don’t look much like my brothers, so...

    2.”I hope not. That would make our marriage awkward.”

    3. Not “often” but sometimes. We’ve even been asked if we’re twins (WTF?!) I’m with MWM. It bothers me, and I don’t think for one minute they actually think we’re brothers. They know we’re a couple and want us to confirm or deny it. It’s a rude and invasive question, and not appropriate to ask a stranger.

    4. It’s funny you ask. We were just discussing the whole arm over the shoulder thing couples do. I think it looks awkward and uncomfortable, so not your hand, per se, just the pose.

    5. Without I pic, I have to presume you’re asking us if you should do it in principle. To which I’d respond “Whatever Floats your Boat.” With a pic, my answered would be the same. None of my business what you do with your hair. (And as a guy who shaves his head, my personal hair preference is pretty obvious.)

  4. 1 - no

    2 - if we were brothers, our marriage would not be valid (except in some southern states ;-b)

    3 - not siblings, but two older women. then the person sees his mustache and gets all flustered...

    4 - not at all; he's your husband; your hand is where it belongs

    5 - your personal decision

    1. I hate it when I get a gender wrong, and I have a few times

  5. Do we look like brothers? It's the glasses and the facial hair, so, yeah.

    What would be the best snappy response? (We are married, we have been together 28 years.) No, were NOT brothers, we're married ... and first cousins!

    Are you and your other - often mistaken for siblings? Not at all.

    Does my hand look weird to you? It looks a little, um, large?

    Haven't had a haircut since this was taken in March, is it about time or should I just let it grow? Carlos hasn't had one either and now says he wants a ponytail. I cut my own hair. You should do whatever you and your "brother" want to do with your hair.

  6. 1. Yes, you could be mistaken for brothers.
    2. Just say "we are married to each other" -- no confusing what THAT means, lol!
    3. An ex and I were often mistaken for siblings. And in all fairness, we did have similar bids and dark hair. Straight people could see we were emotionally closer than friends, but their minds translated that to "sisters" not "lovers."
    4. Your hand looks fine to me.
    5. Personally, I think most men look good with longer hair.

  7. 1. No, I don't think so, however I was once asked if I was the mother of a hispanic friend of mine. Clearly people don't think before they ask.
    2. We were brothers before we got married!
    3. No other but, I'm often mistaken for my best friend's mother. He cringes every time someone asks that because he knows it bugs me.
    4. It looks perfectly fine.
    5. Let it grow until you can't stand it any longer.

    1. People often don't think. I don't think I had hair this long, when I had hair back in the 1970's.

  8. this is the most marvelous photo I have seen on the internet all week; it made the day!