Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How Do We Relax - Or Not

Life and work keep us in perpetual motion.  Get up, get dressed and ready, commute, work, rush home, eat, sleep, repeat.  Most days I grab lunch and take it back to my desk and work while I eat.  A bad habit I picked up 30+ years ago and find hard to break.  

When I am traveling, I tend to fill every waking hour with something to do, something that seems to need to be done.  I don't take time to sit in the sun, soak in the water - and if I do I usually have a preset time allotted to do so.  Is it even possible for me to relax, without a preset plan to do so?  


  1. all work and no play makes the penguin a dull boy. I knit on my lunch hour. I read books. I still get my work/chores done. but doing absolutely NOTHING is a gift.

  2. That's something we've been learning these past 5 years. Now, we hate having a present plan at any time!

  3. When we travel I always try to set aside a "do nothing" day. I think it adds to the trip.

  4. I lie in my field watching the clouds

  5. David,
    For thirty plus years I lead that live of a commute to Philadelphia in the dark and returning home in the dark just to do it again the next day. One day I decided to stop it and I did. I never have regretted my decision. Never.

  6. good luck with this
    I wouldn't know how to begin.