Friday, October 14, 2016


I have a new bear shirt, silly, but I think it is funny.  I find these when I am traveling.

I have another one from Montana that says, "Bears Like People, They Taste Just Like Chicken.

I saw one in Alaska that I couldn't find in my size,  it read, To Avoid Bear Attacks, wear bells on your clothing, carry pepper spray and be on the look out for fresh bear shit.  Bear shit is easy to identify, it smells like pepper and has the little silver bells in it.  I liked that one.

I have seen a few bears in the wild, generally they don't hang around for long.  In civilization bears are usually the sweetest fuzzy things on the sidewalk.


  1. "bears are usually the sweetest fuzzy things" - YES, YES THEY ARE! :)

  2. Love the shirt. Heard about two guys who saw a bear. One stopped to tie his shoes. The other said he was crazy to tie his shoes, just run from the bear. the other commented that he did not need to outrun the bear, just him, the friend. Okay, guess you have heard that one.

  3. I love that shirt you're wearing and also love the one you couldn't get in your size!

  4. I like sidewalk bears myself as I find there's no need to outrun them.

  5. Ron
    Bears apply to more than just "husky" guys. Neither Pat or I fit that category but we're both "bears" too, our nicknames for each other. He's my cuddle bear.