Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A night out with the Supreme's

Justice Louis D Brandeis was cremated after his death and his remains interred under the portico at the Law School at the University of Louisville.  He had lived in Louisville, and was a loyal patron of the law school, he literally helped keep the lights on at the school during the depression of the 1920's.  October 19th was the 100th anniversary of his nomination for a seat on the Supreme Court.  I was invited to a lecture and reception in commemoration of this.  

I have attended open Court, and visited the building as a tourist, but this was my first after hours and into non-public area of the Court visit. Justice Kagan was our host for the evening, and Justice Ginsberg also attended.  It was fun to see them off duty.  The Court building is interesting, a masterpiece of Greek revival architecture.  The lecture was held in the Court room, yes I sneaked one forbidden photograph in the court room.  

The reception was held in the East and West Conference rooms on the main floor, just north of the Court Room.  Rarely seen the rooms are elegant and detailed. They open onto two interior courtyards, spaces few people outside of the Court staff ever see.  The weather was glorious for mid October and the courtyards were open.  In the top picture, the windows behind me, are the north wall of the Court room.    

It was worth staying out past my bedtime. 
What was the last thing you stayed out for past your bedtime? 


  1. the last appearance of the MST3K hosts in this area, new year's eve 2014, at the keswick in glenside.

    1. PS - you clean up nicely and SCOTUS is magnificent!

  2. I no longer stay out past my bedtime because I don't have a bedtime. Every night is probably past my bedtime. Very exciting event. What a privilege to be there with two of the admirable Supremes... although I really was hoping for a come-back tour beginning with "Stop in the Name of Love."

  3. LOL this was so long ago I don't remember.