Saturday, October 29, 2016


If I won the Power-Ball Jackpot what would I do? 

Now I don't buy tickets, so I am unlikely to win.  The odds are 140 times greater that I will be struck by lightening this year, than they are that I will win the Power-Ball jackpot if I buy a ticket.  I don't obsess over being struck by lightening, why should I waste my money worrying about a lottery prize?

But if I did suddenly come into a large amount of money what would I do with it?  

  1. I'd buy a boat - I have always wanted one.
  2. I'd go someplace warm and sunny in winter.
  3. I'd buy a farm, call it Black-Sheep Ranch, and collect a flock of all black sheep.  I'd have to hire a staff, my back and legs are not up to the manual labor needed. I would have a large garden, and spend a few warm summer days and cool autumn weekends on the ranch.  
What would you do with a sudden Billion dollars? 


  1. (1) tell my job to go to hell

    (2) donate to causes I care about

    (3) downsize to an apartment

    (4) travel

  2. Fund the expansion of our all important no kill San Diego humane society first then start helping other areas establish no kill shelters.

  3. Move to Portland Oregon and buy a Craftsman bunglow.
    Give a lot of money away.
    Relax. Travel. Read. Live.

  4. I'd give it to my wife to spend. I've no idea what she'd spend it on..

  5. I would spend a small fortune having my decrepit house torn down and rebuilt as it is with a few modifications.
    Build a real chicken house for my chickens.
    Have surgeries I need with plenty of help.
    Buy house for each daughter. Help son pay off his or remodel.
    Buy a vehicle that could handle a electric scooter inside it, not on back.
    Help exbf with his surgeries by hiring people to help him.
    Remodel his house. Pay off his car.
    Help children with more education if they wish. have BAs.
    Fund grandchildren's college.
    Give a bunch away to people/entities that have helped me.
    Travel Travel Travel

  6. Anonymous10/30/2016

    1. I'd pay some one to finally paint our bedroom ceiling.
    2. Buy a house in Majorca.
    3. Complete The Time crossword, because I have the time to do it.
    My dreams are simple!

  7. Hmmm.... I'd buy you a farm?

  8. Retire and do everything impromptu.
    I would also set up a foundation to do something worthwhile for others.