Saturday, October 22, 2016

An empty bottle of Blantons

An empty bottle of Blanton's is enough to make a grown man cry, well not me, I have a nice stash of high quality - some of them rare, single barrel bourbons.  

Blanton's claims to be the first single barrel.  The history is that the distillery had changed ownership, the inventory system of the previous owner left a bit to be desired and tucked away in the aging warehouses were barrels that had been there much longer than normal.  About the same time, the Japanese were going gaga for single malt Scotch whiskey.  Someone decided to try bottling the bourbon equivalent of a single malt - and Blanton's was born.  Originally only as an export product - shipped to Asia, primarily Japan.  Americans, Kentuckians, were buying it and bringing it back from Japan.  

For a long time I resisted buying Blanton's, it is rather expensive.  Last spring I stopped at Buffalo Trace to buy the best vodka made in America (Wheatley - it is only available at the distillery and in California) and while I was there I picked up a bottle of Blanton's - I was stocking up on single barrels that trip. Oh my, it was worth it.  It is very smooth, with a sweet flavor profile.  Very easy to drink.  

Not all single barrel bourbons are good.  Some are rushed, some are to heavy on the rye (spice.)  Look for ones that are well aged, not rushed.        


  1. I've never heard of Blanton's but that bottle is fantastic!

  2. you can keep the bourbon; the bottle is a work of art!

  3. Anonymous10/22/2016

    Enjoy! Cant touch spirits myself. Apparently I behave too badly. Well so I am reliably told.

  4. I like Blantons.
    Don't worry, they will make more.

  5. "well aged, not rushed"... just like me!