Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Morning Express

57 degrees and light rain here this morning.  I couple from Spain sat next to me on the subway looking at the schedule for the Cherry Blossom Festival and asking where the cherry blossoms are.  They are still hiding from winter.  The tops of the trees in the sunniest locations are just starting to show a tiny bit of color. Last March we had 12 days with highs above 70, this year we have had 1 or 2.  A few days of warm days of sunshine and the trees will explode into bloom.  

I have bread dough rising, time to head off to run a few errands.  


  1. Anne Marie: You are fast! I post pictures from my phone, and then add text and edit on my computer. You commented in the five minutes between steps. Blogger has made posting pictures from my computer a pain, it is a breeze with the blogger app on my phone.

  2. Anonymous3/29/2014

    I figured that was the Metro. Been a while since I've been on it, but it hasn't changed!

    Peace <3

  3. Love the arse print in the far seat!

  4. The endless winter.