Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend Rambling

Monday morning commute

It was a fun and fast week.  We made it home last Sunday from Bloggerpallooza before the snow moved in.  Monday the office was officially closed, but I had a major project I needed to move off my desk, so I laced up my boots and went in anyway.  Of the 250 staff in our DC office, about 10 people made it in on Monday.  The project took all day, but was an astonishing success.  I had a major conference call on Thursday that I expected to be nasty, it was difficult, but more pleasant than calls on the same issue over the past five years.  I have been preparing the participants for difficult decisions over the past three months, and it appears to have paid off.  One more call this week, and then deal with the complaints about the final cut on the project and that project will be moving into the easier phase.

Yesterday we went out to Mt Vernon for lunch (President Washington's home.)  I had not been to the Mt Vernon Inn.  It was interesting, the food was modern tidewater.  On the way back there was a group around a camera on a tripod with a huge telephoto lens on the side of the George Washington Parkway.  I looked in the direction of the lens, and there was a full grown Bald Eagle in the top of a tree.  Nice. 

This morning I dropped J off at the airport, to head back to teach the rest of the semester.  It is always kind of strange coming home to an empty house, when he goes back to Lexington.  No "Hi Honey I'm Home", for a few weeks.  Google Video chat really helps, we see one another everyday, from 530 miles away. 

The forecast  for this week calls for it to be cold again for a couple of days, with the possibility of a few snow flurries, this does seem to the be the winter that will not end.  The daffodils have started blooming, the trees are picking up color in the branches and buds.  The Cherry Blossom Festival opened this weekend with not a bloom in sight, last year the bloom was nearly finished when the festival opened.  Nature blooms, when nature is ready to bloom. Kind of like people. 


  1. Anonymous3/23/2014

    Sounds like a decent week. Any time a project is a success, and conference calls are not awful, that's a good thing. I know a long distance honey is tough, but you're right, technology helps. I can't imagine how my parents went from Sunday night until Friday night without seeing each other for months at a time when dad worked out of state.

    Hopefully, the storm predicted will only wash off the roads and the cars! I need to de-chemicalize by truck!

    Peace <3

  2. I thought the cherry bloom festival shifted around to coincide with the trees, like Easter.

  3. Spo: About the first of March the National Par Service guesses when the Cherry Blossoms will bloom, then mother nature changes the weather to other then normal.