Friday, March 07, 2014


The man in the picture is Robert Ruben, you may have his signature in your wallet, he was Secretary of the Treasury during the Clinton administration.  He was a speaker at a forum I attended this week. 

Daylight savings time arrives this weekend. I hate the transition.  It is just getting to the point that the sun is up when I get up in the morning, and we are going to screw with the clocks so I will be up in the dark again.  

Spring has got to be here soon, I can feel it, but only through the snow and ice left on the ground. The forecast for Tuesday looks good enough to ride the bike to the office.  I haven’t ridden to the office since December.  I took the new folding bike out last Sunday (before this week’s snow storm hit) I have used Bike-Share a couple of times this week.  I am so ready to get back on two wheels.    

I confirmed the commitment to a major new project this week.  I am writing a chapter for a graduate school text book.  The commitment is 25 pages in a particular format, by early summer.  It fulfills both personal and professional goals - it will be a chunk of work.  

A week from now and my sweet bear will be here and we will be headed out to the blogger gathering a week from Saturday.  

It was a busy week in the office.  I started on a major policy proposal, continued development on a national conference and I am pushing all of my normal work forward.  I like being busy, but the 12 hour days kick my a$$.  

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  1. DST has served its purpose; it is time to stop it.
    I will see you at the end of the week!!